Lace: a family tradition

La Perla Gallery is the classic “family business” where the whole family unit works to make the family brand alive and important.

For many years now, our cultural and family tradition has led us to put all our resources at the disposal of this tradition: lace.

We do it with great love for this “symbol” of our island.

I had a background as a photographer and I try to bring my great passion to work: I photograph, and then I draw the beauties of our island on glossy paper. In this way I am able to bring the idea, the concept, to my wife and our collaborators, to be able to work it with needle and thread. This explains how our laces are born, true works of art, soul and heart of all our culture here in Burano, the island of the colors of the Venice lagoon.

It would be wonderful if all this sequence and passion became part of teaching in schools, this is one of our greatest desires: those who do design and those who instead lend themselves to the creation of a work of art. To bring to life and relive the Burano lace makers, who are not only artisans, but artists who make real works of art, precisely with needle and thread.

A magnificent thing, if only to be able to tell it, a work of which we are proud and which makes us proud every day, to be plotted and made alive, always and forever.