Historic Local of the Veneto

March 25th was a day of great importance for us at Perla Gallery, as the award ceremony for the recognition as a Historic Local of the Veneto took place. The regional councilor for economic development, Roberto Marcato, held a speech addressed to the owners of the 213 Veneto premises registered in the year 2023 in the regional list of historic commercial places, which has reached a total of 1,335. Each shopkeeper was given a plaque and a logo marking the registration, proving that the business has been operating for at least forty years.
Historic Venues of Veneto are businesses with historical or artistic value, as well as other businesses that have been operating for at least 40 years, as required by regional regulations. These include food and drink supply activities, markets in public areas, artisan businesses with sales, pharmacies, hotels or inns serving the public.

For us it is a great pride to be part of the history of our Veneto.