Lace for Julianne Moore at the 79th Venice Film Festival

Yesterday, for us, a special day. The representative of the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, Ermelinda Damiano, delivered our lace depicting the Lion of San Marco, directly in the hands of the president of the 79th Venice Film Festival Julianne Moore.
The lace was made in our shop, in Burano, by our lace makers, coordinated by Mariella Dei Rossi.
This is an important step for us, a tribute from our island that is clamoring for the protection of lace by UNESCO.

LINDA DAMIANO writes. “For the lace makers of the island of Burano, this is an important and valuable gift, since for them creating lace has represented over the course of history not only a way to contribute to family income, but above all a sort of transliteration , with needle and flank thread, of the beauty of life, in its different situations and feelings.
It is an ancient and precious tradition for our city, which has in itself magic and poetry, an extraordinary art and a unique heritage of its kind to protect and enhance ”