A different day

Acqua alta, scourge of this winter 2019. Acqua alta, an element of nature that has given us a lot to do in the past 2 months. High water, Most Holy which also united us greatly, making us overcome unthinkable difficulties.
Yesterday, for the umpteenth time, high water visited us, not a simple rise in the level, but 1.5 meters which gave us a lot to do for the umpteenth time.
We thought of teaming up and therefore we gathered in one of the most beautiful rooms of our beloved Venice, among laces and true works of art that we are proud of.
All together for a lunch that we will remember: why go home with the risk of getting wet?
Then fatigue took over and we collapsed into a deep sleep that made us dream until the evening.
With these words, full of meaning and values, we want to wish you a sincere Merry Christmas, full of values ​​and affection.