We all know Burano as the island of colors, made up of colorful houses, fishing boats and lanes, but this island is much more.

It is of a unique and rare beauty, it is welcoming and exciting; it tastes like home.

A life of traditions, of children who run happily and free for the streets, a life where colors are always protagonists. People are smiling and life seems more beautiful.

The island is small but it also has its treasures.

The heart of Burano is the Casa di Bepi, the only building that contains all the colors, it is multicolored and obviously different from all the others. Even that of Gianfranco Rossi is not far behind. Among its walls tells the essence of Burano: the tides, carnivals, lace makers, fishermen, regattas and much more.

The two most famous foundations are Cao di Rio because of its favorable position to the light that allows the colored houses to reflect on the water, creating a beautiful game of colors, it is the most picturesque. And then there is Fondamenta Terranova famous for fishing vessels of fishermen with nets and traps and for the camps with the clothes hanging.

For those who do not want to miss the sun on Burano, the Terrazza su Torcello is the ideal place to admire the sunrise. While for the romantics there is the love bridge “Love viewing Bridge” with a panorama full of houses and colored reflections.

The only local square is dedicated to the composer and organist Baldassarre Galuppi, born in Burano. This place is famous for the Lace Museum,

The Church of Burano, on the other hand, is very particular, in Baroque-Lombard style, with only one side entrance and a crooked bell-tower like the Tower of Pisa.

Venetian rowing is the official sport of the island and here everything is about Regattas, Historical Regattas, gondolini, mascarete, caorline, pupparini etc. We Venetians are very proud of it.

Finally, along the wooden bridge, you can reach Mazzorbo, an island that boasts a beautiful skyline of the island of Burano and became famous for Venissa, an ancient walled vineyard.

As for the traditions of the island, we have lace that is a real work of art. A tradition that has been handed down for generations and spread all over the world. In our shop “La Perla Gallery” you can see the birth of a lace thanks to our lace makers that with much patience and dedication, create centerpieces and small works in cotton, linen, silk, gold and silver.

While the typical sweets are the biscuits buranelli (bussolà) to “S”, their dough is very simple and are easy to prepare, but very tasty.