For a trademark to protect lace

For years we have been trying to carry on our idea of ​​bringing lace, together with Murano glass, to the recognition of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) mark. All this has the aim of supporting the municipality’s request for identification of this tradition as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO: this will certainly lead to a better conservation and relaunch of the sector.
Venice is a temple of artisan culture and we cannot afford not to be able to pass it on to posterity.
Thanks to our Councilor Sebastiano Costalunga for visiting us on Friday, visiting several of our artisan realities related to lace, including the Museum.
Unfortunately, only a few women carry on the lace tradition, among which, however, the fifteen-year-old Ludovica Zane stands out, the youngest lace maker in Burano, who inherited her passion from her grandmother Sandra.
Words of extreme commitment were expressed on the part of our councilor to achieve the IGP recognition of glass and lace, aware that the relaunch of lace and glass will not only bring an advantage to local businesses, but to all of Venice.
Appointment for everyone today at 12.20 on Rai 1 for the new episode of Linea Verde dedicated today to our lagoon and in particular to Mazzorbo and Burano; the flies and the youngest lace maker on the island will be highlighted. Everyone in front of the screens then.

Merletto e il marchio IGP