The first phases of making lace

  • The Design

    It begins with a drawing made on a greased paper below where some heavier paper (green or yellow) are placed.

  • Warping

    The design is sewn with fabric pieces and the seams serve as a base and attachment for the various knots of the future lace.

  • The stitch Guipure

    Following is the first stitch “Guipure” that covers most of the work.

  • The Barriers or Fingers

    Secondly, there are the “Barriers” or “Fingers” that link Guipure together

The last phases

  • Net

    The most demanding point to accomplish since it is made with a thin thread. Unfortunately, on the island only a few lace makers have been able to do it. One of these is Emma Vidal, an ultracentenary lace maker. It takes its name from the common fishermen’s networks as the knot is the same.

  • Smerli

    Finally “Relief” and “Smerli” are made to give a “three-dimensional” effect to the work.Relief and

  • Removal from paper

    After months of work, the precious lace is removed from the paper by cutting with a small blade into the warp.

  • Cleaned and framed

    The work is cleaned, washed and almost exclusively framed.